Pretty things =o)

Pretty things =o)

Just some shots of recent work here, the first cosy mug has been finished and last night I made a cute little bracelet  with Tanis’ Blue Label Grape =o)

Hand-thrown, two-handed, post-skating, hot chocolate wooly teacup =o)

The crochet pattern is called ‘wave’ and the colourway is Stormy by Tanis Fiber Arts.

More Tanis goodness here – this cutie was made with leftover yarn from a skein of the colourway Grape.

Crochet Wheel : Ch 8, SS in first ch to make a loop

Round 1 – Ch 2 (counts as first DC) DC 19 more times into ring, SS to close (20 DC)

Round 2 – Ch 1 (counts as first SC) sc again in same space, sc twice in every DC around, SS to close (40 SC)

Bind off leaving enough tail that you can use it to attach the side beads.

Make a few of these loops, get some fun wooden beads and use the bind off tail to thread through a few times.

Find or make a cute clasp (in this case I’m using a bronze leaf, a few jump rings and the backside of a toggle clasp, run through both end loops to close the bracelet)

Voila! In less than an hour you have a gorgeous, unique, crochet bracelet.

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