Princess Cruise

Princess Cruise

Last week my parents, Tito and I went on a family vacation – on the Ruby Princess for a week in the caribbean. It was mom’s call to do a cruise, and I never thought I would enjoy it. I love to backpack and I was worried that a cruise would be restrictive, crowded and boring. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Ruby Princess

This boat had everything. Movie theatres, heated pools, a library, an art gallery, live performance venues, a spa, a gym, a bunch of restaurant and nightclub options, a few different bars, and even minigolf, (though I bet that would be frustrating, on a ship). There were 5000 folks or so on this boat with us and not once did we have to line up to get on or off the boat, to eat or to be served. No matter what kind of traveller you are, it’s hard not to enjoy being pampered so thoroughly. No matter what you like to do; quiet time with a book or mega party in the pool, this ship accommodates it.

Ruby Princess

My parents had so much fun that they’re already planning their next cruise. I think they’ve got the bug ;) This is my number one favourite pic of the vacation – they look so happy here, I love it!

Tito and I will be doing another one for sure as well – I think this is a great way to see places that otherwise might not be as easy to access – like Alaska. From a ship you can appreciate the beauty of glaciers and the arctic ocean – something I have always wanted to photograph. Not to mention northern lights….

We booked with Princess Cruises, and our ship was the Ruby Princess. Think of a hotel where everyone is positive and helpful, all the food is included, everyone is attending to your every tiny need and you wake up every day in a different paradise. Then you can really understand the appeal of cruising. We paid only for alcohol, shore activities, shopping and soda. We were amazed at how affordable the trip ended up being, for such a great and varied experience.

The gorgeous scenery inspired me to start putting colour pallets together again – not just for jewellery but (shhh!) I’m thinking of taking another crack at dying yarn! I’ll definitely post about my experiments, be they Kool-Aid or food colouring, or maybe I’ll brave the powdered dye kit I bought at the KW Fair 2 years ago….

The caribbean certainly offers no end of inspiration. Tomorrow I’ll share some of the wildlife we caught, on land and in the sea!

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