Prisma Colours

Prisma Colours

One of my favourite mediums is coloured pencil – Prisma Colours in particular. I remember looking at a piece in high school that one of my best friends had done, and realizing how beautiful pencil crayons could be, how much potential for blending and shading they contained. But it wasn’t until a few years ago that I finally had the opportunity to learn how to blend coloured pencils from Tito, who is also a very accomplished artist.

There is always so much on the go that I feel I never have time for this type of work anymore, but I’m getting back into it and I thought I’d share a few of my older pieces here :)

This is called “The Holding Tree” and was done as a birthday gift for Tito’s daughter.

This one is called “hope” and was done as a gift for a friend undergoing cancer treatment. He pulled though :)

This slick fella is “Mr. Disco” – he’s a collaborative work – Tito drew him and I did the colouring.

I’ll post more later – it’s fun getting back into it!

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