This is my first ever post about my actual job; believe it or not I’ve got one, I don’t just get by on crafting ;o)

I’m the art director for a design firm in downtown Toronto called AKA Communication Associates. We’re a small, hardworking team of very talented and multi-disciplinary designers. One of the things I do for AKA is photography, and about a year and a half ago we were assigned a project by Cadillac Fairview; redesigning a large section of PATH, Toronto’s underground walkway.

We decided to provide more than just photography for this, and working in tandem with KPF Architects we redesigned the entire space. The past few months we’ve worked closely with CF, B&H and PCL to create the space. For me, it’s pure magic to see my photoshop renders come to life. This past weekend the graphic installation was finally complete and I wanted to share photos!

The North Hall – before

And the North Hall today!  I contributed the photography and the panoramic strip on the right, as well as the design of the diagonal shapes on the left – meant to be evocative of design elements in the building above – the RBC Centre. To this KPF added the running strip on the top, and the curves in the surface of the wall. I think the results are very cool.

The West Hall before

The West Hall after – showing more of my photography on the undulating wall that KPF designed to absorb those obtrusive columns that were there before.

The North East corner before

The North East corner after, these are all photos I’ve taken of the RBC Centre.

The write up and logo

The credits =0D

Another view of the West Hall leading up to the entrance of the Ritz Carlton Residences.

Another view of the North Hall diagonal slots.

The absolutely stunning new tower that it sits beneath – RBC Centre.

A selection of some of my favourite photos from the space – there are 30 in total. All the shots together tell a story of beautiful downtown Toronto.

This project has been one of the best things I’ve ever been part of. I really put my heart into it and I’m thrilled to see it complete!


The remaining parts of PATH, logos and glass are finally complete and I wanted to update the post to show off the entire installation:

The RBC Logo wall. I laid out the size, colour and position of the glass as well as the cuts in the wall behind.

The RBC node, our agency designed the promotional material that will play on that monitor.

The view from the north hall as you walk east towards the node.

My mom and I =o) I’m sporting my kick-ass new knitted shawl!