Resin Jewelry, 2nd Edition

Resin Jewelry, 2nd Edition

Resin Jewelry

September 18th will mark the 1 year anniversary of my book ‘Resin Jewelry’. In that time I have learned so much, about writing, about resin and about how much farther this versatile medium can be taken.

I have also had a year to interact with the lovely people who not only purchased the book, but offered me feedback and input on the things they’d like covered, resin brands they were curious about and techniques that are not discussed in V1 of the book.

This September, I am happy to announce that Resin Jewelry, 2nd Edition will be ready! This book has all the same how-to material as the original, updated and expanded to contain such fascinating stuff as:

  • How to use a vacuum chamber to pour perfect, bubble-free castings
  • 5 Different ways of attaching a bail to pieces that were done using a mold, and which shapes lend themselves best to each method.

Several new, step-by-step projects that include:

  • How to use pigment in your resin to enhance your flowers, or even change their colour
  • How to use pigment and other inclusions to create faux-opal effects in the resin
  • How to pour, sand and finish a resin bangle
  • How to create jewellery using printed transparencies

I also include 2 bonus projects to cover the questions I get asked the most:

  • How to preserve a full dandelion head
  • How to create a spherical, Queen Anne’s Lace pendant

Resin Jewelry, 2nd Edition will be released September 15 and is now available for pre-order. Pre-ordering entitles you to the current version now and the fully updated version on September 15 at no further cost. You can pre-order until September 15 for only $20.00 USD, after which the price will go up to $28.00 USD.  

Upgrade option for folks who already own a copy:

  • Email me at
  • If you bought the book on my Etsy site, give me the paypal address you used to buy the first bookIf you bought it on blurb, give me the date of your original purchase
  • I will verify the original purchase with my records
  • Once verified, for a paypal payment of $5 I will add you to the list of folks who will automatically receive the e-book Resin Jewelry, 2nd Edition on September 15th, via email.

This offer will expire on September 14th, on September 15th the full e-book and printed version will be released.

You can pre-order the e-book at Etsy or Craftsy:



I am sure the list of new things will expand as the month continues. I keep thinking ‘this is it!’ and then a new idea or inspiration comes to me and I find myself up at 3 am adding new chapters to the book (luckily I have an amazing editor who can fix my 3am ramblings). For the next month I’ll try to show off some of the new projects covered in Resin Jewelry, 2nd Edition stay tuned!

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