Resin Jewelry – Now available!

Resin Jewelry – Now available!

Resin Jewelry

First of all – some winners to announce! Thank you to everyone who participated in my contest, I really enjoyed reading all your thoughts on what you would make! The two winners from my random name draw are:

Carol, who wrote:

“I would save my favourite garden flowers for my kids. My oldest specifically. I was given a rose bush shortly after she was born. It is stunning now, 10 years later. I would love to preserve part of that for her so that she will always have that with her.”

And Michelle, who wrote:

“I’d love to try this with favorite quotes or snippets of letters from loved ones.”

Congratulations ladies – check your inbox today for your free e-book and email me to confirm details for a printed book.

Resin Jewelry

NOW – onto the book! For those of you who simply can’t wait and want to have something in-hand right away, you can:

Download the book on Etsy or

Download the book on Craftsy.

If you really love having and holding a printed book, or you want to gift it to someone special, you can purchase the printed book at Blurb.

The E-book is being offered for $15 for one month – after which the price for the e-book and the printed book will both be $20.

The book is 40 pages of delicious images, projects, step-by-step photography and written instructions, helpful hints, tips, troubleshooting and inspiration. The print version is a glossy, saddle-stitched 8.5 x 11. The E-book is also 8.5 x 11, so you can print it out at home.

How to preserve flowers, how to mix and pour resin, what brands to use and where to get supplies, 5 gorgeous projects–it’s all in there!

Now it’s time to plan my formal book launch, but most exciting of all will be seeing what others will create with resin!

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