Road Trip Pt 2 – Woolverine

Road Trip Pt 2 – Woolverine

While Rayna and I were in Waterloo we decided to check out another brand new store in nearby Kitchener, called ‘Woolverine’ (great name!).


This store is literally a week old, and located in a fantastic space above street level. It feels a little tucked away but I have no doubt that once the word gets out the store will get some great traffic.  We met the owner, the lovely and warm Tia, sitting below this fabulous Elvis quilt.


The store is nested inside of a gorgeous space, big and airy with colourful shelves full of fiber goodness. At the moment her stock selection is in it’s fledgling stages, but she gave us a sneak peek of some of the lines she’s going to be carrying soon, and we’re looking forward to seeing the new additions the next time we visit.

DSCF1274 DSCF1277 DSCF1280

Tiny details and comfy nooks make this store, you can tell that a lot of love has gone into putting it together.

DSCF1285 DSCF1286 DSCF1289

I walked out of there with 5 balls of Patons Beehive sport for a baby blanket, and 3 balls of Patons Astra for a friends hat. Normally acrylic isn’t my thing, but for items that will get heavy-duty wear (and for people who are allergic to natural fiber) sometimes acrylic is the answer!

Congratulations on your store Tia!

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