Sammy Update; Double Trouble!

Sammy Update; Double Trouble!

Sammy has been making beautiful progress:


However, there was still a little bit that we couldn’t reach. She was still shy and quiet at home, and wouldn’t play in the backyard. Enter, Arya. The Beast.


Born on Christmas Eve, Arya is half Samoyed and half Siberian Husky. She is also half battering ram and half Tasmanian Devil. But, most importantly, she became 100% Sam’s BFF.


Sammy now plays in the backyard, had learned to chase balls and toys, and has a buddy to play with all the time. They wrestle, sleep and play together. It’s a beautiful thing, and it’s really helped bring Sammy out of her shell.


As for Arya? She’s lovingly known as The Monster <3 Shoe chewer, yarn eater, corner pee’er, she’s all the puppy things wrapped into one ball of pure havoc and we love her just as much as we love our Sam :) Our family just got bigger!

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