Shipwrecked in the Deep Freeze

Shipwrecked in the Deep Freeze

Last weekend, on our way home from the frozen Niagara Falls shoot, Tito and I decided to make one more stop before Toronto, and pulled off at the Jordan Station shipwreck to see what it looked like in the deep freeze. We’ve shot this old wreck before, here is a shot I took in the summer:


We were in for an unexpected treat; this time, the entire inner harbour was frozen solid.


It was solid enough that there were ice fishing huts on the water, so we knew it was safe enough to get closer, and to even climb onto the ship itself for the first time.

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As you can see, it’s quite abandoned.


And the staircases had warped so much they looked like a Dali painting.


The ship was gorgeous up close. So many different textures!


Today it’s a balmy 3 degrees celsius, and we’re not complaining. The lake is unfrozen outside of the inner harbour, and even the harbour ice is breaking up. However, I cannot dispute the perks of very cold weather, getting to see the boat up close was a real treat!

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