Starting from photos – inspiration for new yarns

Starting from photos – inspiration for new yarns

Thank you everyone for the positive response to my ‘yarn based on photos’ project. I am happy to announce that I may have found a good yarn supplier, and if I like the base then I’ll be aiming to have some short runs for sale soon!

In the meantime, I’ve selected some photos for my next batch of experiments. I’m trying to keep it all in Ontario right now, but I’ll be branching out after that into photos that I’ve taken in cities around the world; from Cuzco to Mumbai, Paris to Portland, from the Ring of Kerry to the Andean mountains… this is going to be such a blast!

3V8A2939 3V8A5418 3V8A8156 IMG_2738 IMG_3800-2 IMG_6350 IMG_6627-2__-3_tonemapped IMG_7492 3V8A1872 3V8A7376-3

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