Stash Update

Stash Update

All done! And what a task it was. Here is Stash Part 1…

…and Stash Part 2.

It is now only 1/3 the size of it’s former glory.

I kept the yarns I love to work with, the precious yarns that were handspun or gifted to me by friends and the yarn that Tito liked even if I didn’t. It takes up only 1 drawer and one large box now, and what that means to me is that I have lots of space to fill with new yarn :)

Here is what I’ve ended up with, and where they’re going. By ‘bag’ I mean 12″x12″ ziplock bags.

  • 3 bags that I’m sure have animal content – these are going to a church group who knit blankets which are donated to the Mississauga Humane Society. I figure this is a good mix because animals are presumably not horribly allergic to each other.
  • 8 bags that I’m sure are 100% acrylic – this is going to the Juravinski Cancer Centre in Hamilton – I believe they make things for cancer patients and also keep yarn on hand in the waiting rooms for patients who like to knit. The Juravinski Cancer Centre is also getting my spare needles, dpns and crochet hooks.
  • 9 bags where I’m unsure of the fibre content but could certainly include wool. Novelty yarns are in this pile as well. – 3 bags of this are being added to the animal content bags that are going to the Humane Society Knitters. The other 6 are going to the Purple Purl here in Toronto who have lots of connections, such as streetknit, for the yarn to go to :)

Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions!

To end… here is the start on my Colour Affection shawl, knit in 2 TFA one of a kind skeins as part of Tanis’ TFA Colour KAL. Looks like mint chocolate – yummy!

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