Sundays with mom

Sundays with mom

Every Sunday for a few months now my mom and I have made a habit (quickly becoming a tradition) of getting together to design, make and photograph jewellery. Here are her latest!

These adorable, bunchy little earrings were our main project. They’re made with 4 different sizes of Swarovski crystal, tiered to created these sparkly little beauties.

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between glass and crystal? This is something I looked up on the weekend – when lead oxide is added to glass it contributes weight, sparkle and strength – that’s what makes it a crystal.

Standards vary, but in Europe glass must contain at least 8% lead to be considered a crystal. High quality suppliers, such as Swarovski, must contain at least 30% lead, contributing to their extraordinary clarity and shine. In addition they are precision cut – using a method similar to cutting diamonds and other fine gemstones. Before I just loved using them because they’re so sparkly, but now I can understand a bit more of where that sparkle comes from!

We really must start shooting in the sunlight again – the lights in mom’s display cabinet just don’t do it justice.

We also created this elegant bracelet. Sterling silver filigree clasp, polished agate beads and oversized faceted Swarovski crystals on a thin, doubled steel cable for strength.

I love how mom likes to art direct the photography – she’s very creative in this – I think she enjoys taking the photos after as much as she enjoys the jewellery!

I also finally got mom downtown to show her the PATH project

(I’m sporting my awesome new knitted shawl, that I am now hopelessly addicted to and never without…)

It was another great episode of “Sandra Sundays” =o)

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