I apologize for the dearth of posts – I’ve been away for a week on a truly memorable family vacation. My parents, Tito and myself went on a caribbean cruise (highlights of that to come later). My mom had asked that I bring at least one nice outfit (I brought several) and so I commenced a giant Haruni.

I now know why she wanted me to look all girly. The cruise came with a surprise. On the beach in Barbados (where, alarmingly, my parents insist on telling me I was conceived) while I was gritty and salty from snorkelling, having just kicked Tito in the face (totally by accident) while in pursuit of a photo of a turtle… Tito got down on one knee in the sand and made me the happiest girl ever.





I’m glad he did it that way, private and understated, just us and my parents, and some random Barbadians who came up to congratulate us (including a monkey, the monkey was awesome). It was very us. I am one happy, lucky girl!


Shawl specs for those interested – 700 yards of Mad Tosh sock in colour ‘celadon’. The skeins didn’t match, so I used one for the body and one for the second chart. I went for 16 leaves on each side before starting the second chart. Blocked measurements were 60 inches by 30 inches.






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