Swatching over to the dark side

Swatching over to the dark side

Check it out – I swatched!

I had plunged bravely into my first ever sweater using 6 lovely balls of TFA Sunset that I bought last summer – which involved substituting the yarn and guessing at the needles – no problem, right? Well, a book I was reading by the Yarn Harlot terrified me into swatching, just to see if I was about to have to rip the entire thing back. I knitted it, washed it, smoothed it out and left it over night and… I got gauge. Amazingly enough. I hope I’m right. I hope I didn’t totally screw this up, or that the swatch is misleading, because I am going full speed ahead with my cardigan.

Having confirmed that Tanis will be at the Knitters Frolic this spring I’ve made it a goal to finish the sweater by then so I can enjoy wearing it to the festival and show it off to her ;o) I think I can do it! (There will be other things to celebrate that weekend, but more on that later) There’s just a few things I need to get out of the way first…

Isn’t this gorgeous? I loved my Traveling Woman shawl so much I decided to make an enormous one, in a worsted weight. This will be my Lion King shawl, I chose the colour especially to wear to opening night of the Lion King musical when it returns to Toronto this April. It’s going to be lovely! I’m proud of myself for breaking out of my regular colours a bit too.

My dad’s Christmas scarf. Who are we kidding, this will be ready next Christmas…luckily I bought him one to hold him over ;o)

My reversible mobius lava flow cowl in TFA peacock – first time doing reversible cables – this one is almost done!

And then there’s temptation – check out this lovely thing that arrived in the mail the other day….

Not to mention 470 yards of this beautiful blue Malabrigo lace yarn in Oceanos. I’ll be looking for another shawl pattern for this baby.

That’s all for now, just lots of knitted goodies =o) There will be more fun stuff in the next few days – I should be getting my first lampworked beads out of the kiln today, and also some of my new yarn bowls!

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