The Artful Life

The Artful Life

Here are a few photos of my works in progress over at the studio – life has been such a bubble of busyness that making studio time has been next to impossible! I had to get in there though – I promised the Purple Purl a bunch of yarn bowls in time for the knitters frolic next month.

yarn bell

This one is a yarn bell for someone who ordered one from me, oh, forever ago. I’m using the shellac technique described here for the filigree detail.

yarn bell

Next up is a froggie yarn bowl that’s being sent to a convent in Boston. Normally I don’t ship pottery anymore, but honestly, how could I refuse nuns? The lady I dealt with was so sweet I decided to make an exception for her, and what her Mother Superior wanted was a froggie yarn bowl. I’m actually quite flattered by this.

Yarn Bowl

Incidentally, all these photos are being taken with my new instagram app, with which I am hopelessly obsessed. I mean, I’m a graphics professional, you’d think an app with built-in filters and false bokeh would feel cheesy to me, right? But seriously, I love this app. I think the photos are lovely. Of course the baby ferret is my favourite subject matter :)

Other happenings in the artful life include a new series of resin jewellery that’s curing now, a print series I’m doing out of my recent aurora photography and the fact that tonight I’m finally getting in some lamp working studio time after a very long wait.

Tuckered Out

Tito and I are debating about another late night photo shoot tonight to see if we can catch more aurora but after 5 nights in a row of 3am shooting I’m totally burnt out. And it’s a work night. When I was a kid sleep was like bank overdraft; you paid it back once and you were good to go. Now sleep is like a high interest loan, and recovering from too many late nights takes me at least a week ;)

However I’ve got to say that on top of all the other great artsty stuff we’ve got going on those late night trips have been fun. I love living creatively!

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