The best laid plans…

The best laid plans…

The holidays won. I tried to stick to my plan to shoot nothing but tutorials, but I lost to my holiday schedule. The good news is that I can keep on sharing tutorials through the new year, which will give us all some fun stuff to do in the dark winter months :)


In the meantime, I leave you with photos of adorable cows. Tito and I went up to visit Kim on the weekend to drop off a piece of jewellery (this one is a preserved tiger lily from last summer).


And I got to see my favourite baby, April. Here she is last May:


And last June (the camera-savvy among you will notice that she’s chewing on the strap for my Mark III. Proof of how much I love her).


And here she was yesterday!



Cutest thing ever, right? I just want to take her home. At least for the holidays.

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