The Blue Brick is in a store!!

The Blue Brick is in a store!!

Enough about Canada Post! According to the latest news all mail is safely on its way, so we’re going to move on with the assumption that all is well because honestly, that was so stressful! If you have not yet had a shipping notification, please email me and I will get it figured out for you in a snap :)


Time for happy, forward-moving news. The Blue Brick yarns are in our very first brick-and-mortar store – Yarns Untangled here in downtown Toronto. If you are local to us, and want to be able to smoosh/view our yarns in person, here is your chance!


You can read their blog post here where they happily (and truthfully!) state that they are the only place in the entire world to get our yarns in person (at least for now!).


Yarns Untangled is a beautiful store in Kensington market. Amelia and Brenna are warm and welcoming and the atmosphere is creative, comfortable and full of gorgeous yarns.


We deeply appreciate that a local, Canadian LYS was our first store, hopefully the first of many in the long run. We are officially open to discuss additional wholesale opportunities beginning this October/November, email me at if you own a store and are interested in chatting!


The littlest customer

Going to a store was a major decision for us but I think it was the right move :). We couldn’t be more excited, thank you Amelia and Brenna!





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