The Blue Brick Ombré Yarns

The Blue Brick Ombré Yarns

… are available now in our online store.


A few things I wanted to chat about;

  • These yarns are priced slightly higher ($5 CDN to be exact) than my other yarns, owing the the slightly more labour-intensive nature of gradient yarn. I was really hesitant to change prices, but after endless number crunching and efficiency studies I could see no way to escape it. All I can say is that (in my heavily biased opinion) I believe the yarns are worth it, and I hope you’ll agree :)


  • These yarns are dyed-to-order. What that means, is that when you order it, I will dye it up especially for you, rather than grab a skein from a pre-existing inventory. Again, this is an efficiency concern, since the yarns do take a different process. There is just one con to this approach, which is that your yarn, from dyeing to delivery, can take up to three weeks. The pros, I believe, outweigh the cons; you can choose whatever base and quantity you like and there is no fear of yarns selling out. If this model works well and makes everyone happy, then I will consider moving the entire Blue Brick yarn line to this model.


  • For those of you who are unfamiliar with gradient yarns, I will be knitting up samples, along with my trusty team of knitters, to show you how they look. I am also writing patterns right now specifically to take advantage of of gradient yarn.
  • For those wondering about photography; the yarns will ship with their respective photo from the images in this post :)


Hope you enjoy, and as always I welcome feedback and questions :) email me at !