The Blue Brick Signature Line

The Blue Brick Signature Line

First of all – in response to awesome customers I have moved the launch date of the new products forward to Saturday May 7th. You’ll be able to shop this weekend!

When we first started The Blue Brick, we dyed what we liked, totally at random for each Etsy update. This was a lot of fun; it was free-form and inspired and the colours were always fresh. However, it had several drawbacks; customers would rush to the Etsy store for a very frustrating experience, and if someone wanted a sweaters worth of something they were likely out of luck. We started searching for a better way, and out of that was born our online store, and now, our Signature Line.

For the Signature Line, I decided to focus in on what I love most, and what I feel I do best; Ombré yarns, and colour palettes. In my day job as a visual designer and photographer I work the same muscles, so this comes naturally to me, and gives me the greatest joy. With that in mind, here are the last two colours being added to round out what will become our regular product offering, Kim’s Barn & Gerber Daisy.



Kim’s Barn is a classic Blue Brick colour. It’s been around since the beginning, and it was only right that it continue to exist as an ombré colour.

IMG_0224 IMG_0212-2 IMG_0223-2

Gerber Daisy (not to be confused with Daisy) is new – a rich red/orange/burgandy mix. I *need* to see this in a shawl!

IMG_0225-2 IMG_0220 IMG_0215-2

Together they round out my Signature product offering, a total of 22 items; 12 Ombré colours, 6 Neutral colours & 4 Painter Palettes. I am in love… I hope you are too!

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