The December Club – Starry Night

The December Club – Starry Night

One of the things about a club where you opt-in every month is that there is no such thing as a spoiler alert ;) I want folks to have a chance to view, contemplate and (hopefully) fall in love with the new colours well ahead of their release. So with that in mind, introducing my first club colour way ‘Starry Night’.


Where do I start? This is some precious yarn, let me tell you. First of all, it’s sock weight, so 420 yards of delicious per skein. Secondly, it’s a blend of merino and cashmere, so it’s soft and cushy beyond belief. Lastly, sparkles. Or in this case… stars.


The colour is deep and rich and not as variegated as my usual work, because I didn’t want either the colour or the sparkles to overwhelm the pattern.


The photo itself was taken during a very long exposure in mid-winter, so I was able to track the movement of the stars themselves. When I think that it’s me that’s moving, that all of it is moving, and that my camera’s 30 minute exposure literally captured the tilt of the heavens…. mind blown.


I am knitting away on my sample for the pattern that will come with ‘Starry Night’. The club colourway and pattern will be released on Friday December 18th, and you’ll have 3 days to order club kits, or extra skeins if desired. Then I will get to work dyeing and shipping it all out.


Stay tuned in the next few days for WIP shots of the pattern; I won’t keep it a secret either! Here’s a teaser shot ;)


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