The Eastern Style Purl Stitch, a Tutorial

The Eastern Style Purl Stitch, a Tutorial


My new pattern, Sencilla utilizes a few special stitches to really finess the look and firm up the little details. In the pattern I include photo tutorials for each one, and I thought I’d include them here on the blog as well because they’re very handy to know!

The Eastern Purl creates a shorter, tighter purl than its western cousin. Have you ever worked a cable project and noticed that the first purl after a knit stitch has an ugly, loose little ladder of excess yarn? Or that the last knitted stitch is loose and sloppy looking compared to its cousins? This method of purling eliminates all that. It was critical to the design of my Sencilla cowl because I wanted a really sharp definition along the edging cables, to really frame in the centre panel.


It’s super easy, here you go!

1. Insert your right needle as if to purl


2. Bring the working yarn to the left of the needle….


3. And wrap it clockwise around the left needle (normal purls are done counter-clock-wise)


4. Slide the stitch onto the right hand needle just like you normally would.


5. When you come to that same stitch on the following row, it will be twisted.


6. Work that stitch as a regular purl or knit, but work it through the back loop.


7. This tightens the stitch and twists it into place.

Voila! A neater, tighter purl stitch!

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