The Improved Colour Shifting Scarf

The Improved Colour Shifting Scarf

DSCF0136I created a second colour shifting scarf for Tanis, and I made some tweaks that I think really improved the design.


I used a 10-dent heddle instead of 12 which greatly improved the drape and allowed me to warp to 80”, which meant that after I cut off the loom waste Tanis was left with a more generous sized scarf at 65” long and about 15” wide. Because I had fewer dents to work with, I warped 6 threads of each colour instead of 7, and when weaving I wove 12 picks of each colour instead of 14. She loved it :)

Click here for the hemstitching tutorial I wrote while weaving this scarf.
Click here for the original tutorial on how to make this scarf.

DSCF0134I also decided to include my hack for getting even fringe on scarves. I’m sure there are tons of other ways to do this, from measuring the fringe to using a ruler and a rotary fabric cutter, but here is my fave:

1. Line up the 2 ends of the scarf so they overlap perfectly

DSCF01232. Pin the 2 ends togetherDSCF01263. Use a wide tooth comb to comb your fringe out nice and neat

DSCF01274. Lay a heavy straight edge of some kind on top (could be a book, a ruler etc.)

DSCF01295. Use this edge as a guide to trim your ends

DSCF0130Voila! Reasonably neat ends :)

DSCF0133I just took another gorgeous scarf off the loom that, alas, my kitties got to while it was blocking. I came home to an open bedroom door, two innocent faces, a clawed up scarf on my blocking board and a little nest of blankets that was still warm from sleepy furballs.

What happened to you? I'm busy occupying this tea towel...

What happened to you? I’m busy occupying this tea towel…

I didn’t know whether to scream or cry, so I made a cup of tea and glared at them for a bit. They looked back at me, 2 pictures of the innocently befuddled. 2 faces that said ‘I found it like this’. I drank my tea, and Tito tried to wrangle warp threads back into place, if we can get it to look decent I’ll share pics. :/

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