The Joy of Other People’s Projects

The Joy of Other People’s Projects

As a knitwear designer, there is no greater joy than seeing what others have made with your work. Pattern design is tough; you come up with an original idea, write it down, test knit it, tech-edit it, photograph it, lay it out and, finally, try to promote it. You wait to see if it sinks into internet obscurity or catches on and gains traction with folks. It can be scary too, because you’re taking something you invested many hours in and you’re putting it out there for critique and feedback.

I am gearing up to release a cowl pattern that I’m extremely excited about (hopefully out by the weekend) and my test knitters and tech editors have been invaluable. I am very grateful to the people who have chosen one of my patterns, because it does involve committing their time, hands and yarn to one of my ideas and that’s something I take very seriously. Their feedback, critique and finished projects have all helped me become a better designer.

Today I wanted to showcase some of the projects that others have made that I have really loved :)

© cindeknits

The Bay of Fundy Scarf – Image © cindeknits

© fridaygirl

One Skein Boot Toppers – Image © fridaygirl

© BuckCreekChick

The Crochet Lisa Shawl – Image © BuckCreekChick

© RahRahRah4Riah

Jax boot Toppers – Image © RahRahRah4Riah

© dmaggt625

Dionne Slouch Hat – Image © dmaggt625

© joannafarrer

Los Guantes De Claudia – Image © joannafarrer

© MountainMa

The Man Slouch – Image © MountainMa

© folkydots

The Johnathan Hat – Image © folkydots

© EspressoBean

Bum Cosy – Image © EspressoBean

© Sihayah

Man Hands – Image © Sihayah

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