The Leftovers Batt

The Leftovers Batt

I have purchased a number of batts from the talented Mother Macrina at Inglenook Fibers. Of these, I have decided to sink my teeth into a massively long spin of lace weight in a colour called ‘Tardis’. I am working with 10oz. of fiber on a fine spin and, as you might imagine, it’s taking forever.


To distract myself, I decided to start a new spin, also from Inglenook, intended to be quick, satisfying and fun. I chose to combine about 50g of the various little samples that she likes to include in her shipments. Different fibers, colours, everything was included.


I felt like someone had sheared a My Little Pony and given it to me to spin ;)


Spinning in progress. I was going to a 2 ply of maximum yardage. I weighed my bobbins to try and get as close as possible.


The results are 198 yards of a passable sock weight yarn, of indeterminate fiber content.

5 6 8

I am  unreasonable happy with it, but can’t think what to do with it. Suggestions? What can you do with less than 200 yards of sock yarn, assuming you can’t make it into socks?