The Lost Project

The Lost Project

Somewhere in the shuffle of my wedding day I lost my knitting! I thought I had done a thorough check of the hotel, and our bags, and the car, but I have to conclude that it’s lost. I’m kinda bummed, because it had a lot of significance to me.


The last known photo of the knitting was just sent to me by my Matron of Honour, thanks Kris!



It begins with a skein of my own Point Pelee Lace in ‘Bajan Pier’. Baja Pier was based on a photo taken where Tito proposed to me.


And then I cast on for Joji Locatelli‘s “A Day to Remember“. Of course.


It was a perfect pairing, really great for showing off my yarn colours. The project was with me when I met the Yarn Harlot at an airport…


And with me at my stagette, which involved much tea, boardgames and knitting (wild night)…


And finally, with me on my wedding day. I worked a few rows while waiting for my bridesmaids to be ready. The next day, for the life of me, I couldn’t find it.


More’s the pity, by that time I was more than halfway through a 1000 yard skein of lace weight, which takes some stamina. It was a beautiful, mindless project though, perfect for carrying through the pre-wedding madness.


Ah well, I hope whoever found it was a knitter! I don’t have the heart to cast on another right now, but I will definitely have to dye up some more Bajan Pier.

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