The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights


There will be an update on The Blue Brick’s Etsy site on Friday November 27th at 11am, EST.  In addition to our regular offerings, there will be Christmas kits available :) Christmas kits will be available for all bases except Point Pelee Lace, will cost $45 per kit, and will include the following:

1 Skein of yarn, in your choice of base and colour
1 Printed Knitting pattern, suited to your yarn (more on this soon!)
1 Framable 8×10 metallic print of the photo that inspired the yarn
3 Gold-plated stitch markers, handmade by us!

When adding things to your cart, simple choose either ‘Holiday Gift Pack’ or ‘Just the Yarn Please!’ from the drop down menu.

*If you want to make only 1 skein a gift pack, but you’re hoping to purchase multiple skeins, you will need to add them to your shopping cart separately.

No discussion of winter wonders could be complete for me without the northern lights. Tito and I have made a hobby out of dashing up north at the mere mention of good aurora conditions.


Nor could I narrow it down to only one photo, however hard I tried. Because sometimes the aurora are super bright…


And sometimes they are very faint, and you have to squint to see them, and turn the sensitivity on the camera way up…


But it is always a magical experience to be able to watch them sway and dance, eerily silent. Toronto is so far south that it’s not easy to catch them, but we’ve been known to drive to Sudbury, late on a work night, so we’ve given ourselves the best chances possible, given how unpredictable they are. Sometimes it even pans out ;)


Watch out for ‘Aurora’ and ‘Borealis’ at this Friday’s Etsy sale! Now, onto the patterns! If you happen to buy DK weight yarn at the sale, and you choose to make it a holiday gift pack, you will also receive a printed copy of my pattern ‘Sencilla’; a one-skein bandana cowl that totally rocks variegated yarns.


Senile covers that awkward gap in your jacket where a regular cowl just doesn’t cut it,  with an adorable cable motif up the back of the neck that is super pretty and feminine:


You’ll learn a few new techniques, such as the ‘eastern purl’ and a modified kfb increase, but both are super simple and I’ve provided step-by-step photo tutorials for both.

Only 2 more colours to reveal before Friday, stay tuned!IMG_6082

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