The Traditional Canada Day Trip

The Traditional Canada Day Trip

Things to consider on a trip (in order of importance)

10. Clothes (you don’t realize that you’re down to only 10 pairs of underwear until you have to pack for a 10 day trip).

9. Toiletries etc. (depending on whether you’re driving or flying, and whether you’re going to a place that has access to a convenience store, this can take the place of item 10).

8. Maps. This is always a good idea, right?

7. Extra yarn (don’t want to run out).

6. Did I mention extra needles, notions and a spare pattern or two?

5. Enough active projects to occupy you. I need several. Your mileage may vary.

4. I guess I should mention food here… But see item 9.

3. Did I mention yarn?

2. Yarn.

1. Space in your bags for buying yarn.  

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