Thermis Cowl in TFA Jewel

Thermis Cowl in TFA Jewel

First and most importantly – my kitty is going to be ok =o) He had a bladder infection, but he’s looking much better this morning. Whew!

Lots to say about jewellery lately, so I wanted to put up a knitted FO post – so much going on lately that I’m having trouble keeping up!

Thermis Cowl

This is another Thermis cowl (Ravelry project page here) knitted as a Christmas gift for a friend, who was gifting it to another friend. I made one of these for myself a few months back and I absolutely love cuddling up in this thing! It knits up pretty fast, and it’s warm and squishy.

thermis cowl

The colourway is TFA Jewel. Loving this colourway lately, I’ve got only a little left and I’m trying to think of something fun to do with it.

Cubic Zirconia earrings

Inspired by the yarn we decided to add a couple of sweet little cubic zirconia drop earrings to match.

There’s a fun story of how we decided to make it purple – We wanted to find out her favourite colour without giving it away, so I put out an open call on facebook to a bunch of our mutual friends asking for everyone’s favourite colours. After finding out hers was purple I knew what colour to make the cowl, and as a bonus, what colour to make everyone else’s Christmas bookmarks. Score!

Serenity Bookmark

Here is a pic of my cowl – knitted up in Viola Viola’s Graphite colourway:

Thermis Cowl

More goodies coming up soon:

  • I bought a new camera! yay! The Canon 7D – as soon as I have a chance to take it out for a proper maiden voyage I’ll put up pics
  • I tackled DPNs! double yay! I made my first mittens, I had forgotten how much fun mittens were, and how warm and comfy. Part of being a grown up was wearing gloves instead of mittens, but forget about it, mittens are the way to go. Mitten shots will be my next posting.
  • I bought new yarn! TFA goodness, and a beautiful ocean coloured laceweight Malabrigo for….. my first knitted shawl! I’ve crocheted shawls in the past but never knitted one, so exciting!
  • I finally spent a day knitting at the Purple Purl (see above re: yarn) – what a wonderful day. Friends, knitting, tea, cupcakes, and …. new yarn =o)

Yes, life has been fun =o)

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