Water Series 2: Terra Cotta Reflection

Water Series 2: Terra Cotta Reflection

More colourways to add this this Friday’s Etsy shop update at 1:00pm EST!

I sent out a sneak peek of this one last night; presenting ‘Terra Cotta Reflection’:


I wanted to branch out of the blues into some rich reds, rust and saffron tones, and the perfect way to do it was a photo I took of the reflection of autumn foliage in the water. I love how painterly the photo turned out, and it was a great base for this colourway.


Kim’s Barn is back by popular demand, and it’s been remastered :) I rebalanced the reds, golds and turquoise tones, and I think the results are much truer to the photo than the original.

Stay tuned for more new colourways to be released this week, including 2 more in my ‘water’ theme and the new and improved Merrickville Gold!

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