Weaving FO – Fleece Artist Scarf

Weaving FO – Fleece Artist Scarf

This one sat on the loom for a long time while I was distracted with the spinning bug – but now that it’s finally off and blocked I’m quite happy with the results. This is all coming from one skein of Fleece Artist Trail Socks (colour way unknown). With only 350 metres to the skein I was worries that I wouldn’t be able to warp and weft with the same yarn.

I weighed my skein before beginning, and I warped until there was just a little over a third of the skein left. I had read that this would be sufficient for weft, and they were right! Only a little yarn was wasted at the end, and I was able to max out my yardage :)

3V8A8220 3V8A8215 3V8A8201 3V8A8200 DSCF0804

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