White on White; photographing fluff

White on White; photographing fluff

Leslie Ordal came over last night for some last minute photography of her spinning work for a piece she’s writing in Interweave Magazine. We didn’t have a lot of time to plan the shoot, and the material was all white. White fluff, spun into white yarn. With the challenge of coming up with something artistic and creative late on a work night we opened some beers and got to work. Nailed it?

For the photographers out there: this was shot in a white lightbox with a medium grey backdrop and 2 small spot lights. I used the 7D with the 100mm prime lens at f10, to get every detail in the fibre for some shots, and f2.8 for the shallow DOF shots. I processed them in lightroom to select the finals and do a batch edit for colour correction, tone, cropping and adding the vignette effect. Finally, small clean ups (cat hair, non fluff bits from the mill) were taken care of in Photoshop with the patch tool. The entire shoot start to finish was 1.5 hours including processing time.

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