So I bought 2 skeins of this colourful stuff called ‘Fame Trend’ (colour 664) thinking it would be just as gorgeous as Noro, but hopefully not as horrid to work with, thus giving me great colour while circumventing Tito’s Noro moratorium.


I got pretty excited about this one. I even pre-wound all my mini-cakes and numbered them so the colours would stay in the right order.


Then I bought a 12 pack of extra bobbins for my boat shuttle.


Tito made me a gift – the Bobbin Assist 2000 which winds them so fast that I occasionally lose control of it. I had so much fun that I wound them all.


Aaaaand it’s over.


Turns out the yarn felts so easily (just look at it wrong, really) that the mere rubbing of the heddle as I beat in the weave and switched positions was sufficient. After 2 inches it was so felted I had to cut it off the loom.

Ah, learning pains.


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