Winter shooting – and the inspiration behind the camera cosy!

Winter shooting – and the inspiration behind the camera cosy!

Hey everyone! I wanted to share some pics I took a few days ago – the very day in fact that I decided my camera needed it’s own cosy.

These are the snowy steps leading down into the ravine by my place. For those of you fixin’ to berate me about ‘being careful’ on those stairs let me assure you I exercised utmost caution – what makes you think I would ever risk the safety of my camera?

At the bottom of the ravine is a little creek. I love how the little piles of snow on each rock make it look like tiny round mountains are in the water!

Another creek shot – I couldn’t get enough of how the sides of the creek, and the dark water, created this textural flowing landscape through the snow.

This bridge went over the creek  – but my favourite detail is how that fallen tree created an arch over the path leading up to the bridge itself.

I love winter shooting – though it did occur to me in the middle of all this that my camera was getting snowed on, and that my battery was not lasting nearly as long as it does in warm weather. That was what led me to crochet a cosy for it that night =o)

While I was at it I took a photo of a house in my neighbourhood that I drool over daily. If crafting and photography somehow lead me to be able to afford a house one day this is the one I would want.

More gorgeous houses near me.

I love the colour the sky turns when it’s snowy like this – the reflection of the city lights on all that white gives the sky a warm tinge at night.

More winter shooting coming up soon! In the meantime all kinds of other exciting things are happening;

  • I came sooo close to putting in an offer on a condo this past weekend – but it had turned into a bidding war with multiple offers and my agent advised me to stay out of that for now. I’ve got to say, while it does have it’s fun aspects, I find home-hunting to be very exhausting. Particularly emotionally for some reason. Luckily I have a really great agent to work with, and all the places I want to see are close to my office so I don’t need to travel much.
  • Tito and I are both taking lamp-working classes at beadfx next weekend (a belated birthday gift) – I’ve never tried it, I’m so excited!
  • The weekend after that we’re going up to Tobermory for a weekend, that camera cosy will definitely come in handy!
  • I picked up a gorgeous skein of dark turquoise sock yarn from TFA – I’m going to try knitting a beaded shawl. I foresee all kinds of stress ahead, but with a gorgeous result at the end.
  • My blog is on the cusp of 10 000 hits! Amazing! It’s small change compared to some of the mega blogs out there, but I am humbled and amazed that so many people have found my crafting to be so interesting =oD