Other Indie Makers

This list is the result of a question we asked on Instagram; tag your favourite indie maker here! Our goal was to amplify small and independent businesses during this time of Covid, to ensure that the rich and varied tapestry, the passion and the uniqueness of small business survives this time. 

Folks responded beautifully. So we decided to take it a step further, and with the generous time and skill of our volunteer Aly, we have created a pdf of the results.

So here is the list! Curated by you and featuring tons of indie makers divided up by what they sell. 

If it feels overwhelming I suggest beginning by choosing 5 to 10 random new-to-you makers and following them on Instagram to see their style, you might just discover your next favourite thing!

Disclaimer: The Blue Brick is not affiliated with any of these makers. Any views expressed by folks we have listed here do not necessarily reflect our own. This is a list curated by IG followers and shared by us to amplify small business, and we are not personally vouching for any given business on the list. As always, do your own research and only make purchases that feel right to you :)