Hello folks!

We have had a special request from a customer; the ability to do a short run of Gerber Daisy. Her choir is looking to outfit themselves in matching knitwear - how cool is that?? I really hope I can get a group shot when they're all done their projects, we're so honoured that they would choose us for something so special.

Since I will be doing a run of Gerber Daisy in the near future anyways (the team is still choosing their bases and projects) I wanted to open it up to others in case anyone has been waiting on this colour :)

If you ever really want an old colour, and you can rally up a few friends to make setting up the dye stations worthwhile from a water and dye standpoint, don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Hello folks!

Also open by request is Ibis, so this is also a short run. What is a short run? It means no kits, sweaters, socks etc. We're just dyeing skeins, in any base and any size :)

You might know Ibis from the Wingspan shawl projects, that pattern was a collaboration between Kyle and I when this colourway was first released. We still get requests from people who would like to knit that pattern, so this is your chance to get one in :)

Finally I am releasing another batch of mugs :) The first run of these mugs went slightly over one kiln, so I am just trying to make sure I don't fire until the kiln is full. Pick your colour and pick your pattern :) I will make it just for you!