Sencilla (pronounced sen-SEE-ah) is Spanish for simple. Not simple, as in plain, but simple as in elegant. This cowl is just that; a simple, elegant cross between a bandana and a traditional cowl that’s easy to knit, wear and accessorize.

Using just one skein of a luxury DK weight yarn, the cowl knits up quickly and feels delicious against your skin. Its unique shape provides warmth without bulk both at the back of the neck and at that awkward triangle where your jacket opens.

Sencilla is begun at the bottom point and worked upwards in a triangle until it’s wide enough to go around your neck comfortably, at which point you join in the round to continue working upwards. A delicate little 4-stitch cable combined with a slip-stitch edging gives the piece a beautiful finish on the sides, while a single row of crisply defined stockinette stitches frames the textural centre panel. All-over patterning means this cowl will work equally well with variegated and tonal yarns. The cables join to form a beautiful detail behind the neck. Finally, an i-cord bind-off defines the top edge.

All these little details come together to create a comfortable, sencilla cowl.

Small: 22 inches at the shoulders, 19 inches at the chin 
Large: 24 inches at the shoulders, 21 inches at the chin

2 special stitches are used, and step-by-step photo tutorials are provided for each one. The reference to grafting, I-cord and provisional cast-on are for the optional I-cord bind off at the top of the cowl, and step-by-step photo tutorials are provided for this as well.

The rest of the cowl is a comfortable knit, mindless in the middle with just enough detail on the edges to keep you interested :) Because of the special stitches however, I recommend that a novice knitter consider getting assistance at their LYS with the first and second charts of the pattern.