A New Email System! Yay

A New Email System! Yay

Hello everyone!

We’re test-driving a new way of communicating by email that hopefully allows us to make things a bit smoother and more clear for all our customers.


First off, if you do not currently have a standing order with us please forgive the email. We tried to sort through and make sure this note found its way to folks who’ve ordered fairly recently, and if this is not you we ask that you forgive the inbox intrusion and enjoy the pretty yarn pics :)


Next up; we are currently sitting at 26 days of dyeing to take us to the end of 2019! Hooray! I know that sounds pretty lousy, actually, but you’ll have to trust me that it’s the lowest it’s been since wingspan took off (pun fully intended) last April. It’s been almost a year since that fateful day, and even though we moved, hired an all-new team, renovated and expanded we still managed to dye well over a years worth of yarn in about 8 months. That can feel kind of anti-climatic (especially if you’re waiting in yarn limbo!) but it still feels like an awesome accomplishment to us.


Now, all standard disclaimers apply; this is 26 days according to my spreadsheet. That means that illness, a hold-up from suppliers, a power outage, a samurai invasion, basically anything that could tip a small business over might change those timelines. Murphy’s Law rules here at The Blue Brick and while I’d like to think the samurai invasion is a bit of a stretch these days I’m really not so sure ;)


Where are you in the queue? That’s a tough one to answer, but I’m gonna try! Bear with me; while we strive to be in chronological order, things get shifted around to make sure each dye run is as full as possible. That means that if there is a hold up on one of our bases at the supplier end, or if I have to dye, say, Kilauea and I need to make the run worthwhile by taking on at least 9 more Kilauea, we may end up going into later orders to fill the run. This approach is not perfect, but it helps us conserve water usage, and make sure that the run is full each day at all costs so we’re not losing dye time, both important parts of both our commitment to the environment and our determination to not let a day go by without the maximum number of skeins possible.


However (now that I’ve basically said there’s no way of knowing) all is not lost! Please email me your order number and I will be able to tell you when I hope to be able to ship it, or perhaps even to see if I can expedite it based on the available yarns and upcoming dye colours. If I can make it work, I’ll do it.


I want to make this a better experience for you, and I know that hasn’t been happening. Think of this email as a first outreach to try and communicate more directly and reliably with customers (hopefully without driving you nuts).


As always please feel free to reach out to us directly any time, and for any reason :)


With gratitude,

Shireen & all the Blue Brickers (two and four-legged employees included!

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