Solidarity in Strange Times

It's certainly strange days folks. COVID-19 is the word of the day, commerce is apparently grinding to a halt and we're all stuck at home. To help make things better, we're releasing our new shawl pattern for free, and calling it "Solidarity". You can download the pdf file by clicking here. Please note that it has not been test knit in full, so all disclaimers apply :) It's really just to share a little sunshine with a struggling community.

Businesses are suffering, and it's no surprise. We have cancelled all of our classes, and all of our knit nights. Folks who are concerned about funds mean that we're once again refunding at an unsustainable rate (and if you're waiting please know that I will get to you, I promise. I am wading though the emails and I will get there).  All of our spring festivals have been cancelled. As a result of this mess I have had to lay off two employees. My heart is broken.

We were in a weak position to begin with. We have been in a backlog for a long time, we have been the subjects of a lot of negative attention, and we have been unable to move forward confidently with new products and events because of the backlog. It's down to 30 days, but now that it's just Emily and I, it may be longer. 

We can use the support. I hate to say it, but there it is.
If you wish to support us, please consider the following:
Purchase a gift card for yourself or a loved one by clicking here.
Check out our other patterns by clicking here.

And if you are comfortable waiting for yarn, please shop our site and use the code TP4EVER (you can laugh, it's kind of funny) to get 15% off your purchase. If you have recently made a purchase and are feeling shorted on missing the discount code do not despair, while I cannot retroactively apply it to older orders I will make sure there is a code included with your yarn when it arrives, for the same 15% off rate against a future purchase.

And if nothing else, download the pattern, make something pretty, and put it out there. into the world. We can all use it. 

With love as always,

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