Ceramic Shop Update!

Ceramic Shop Update!

JAN 4, 2023

Self-Striping... Bowls!

Whales and Mantas and sharks are in-store now!

Self Striping Yarn is Hard

So if you happen to know a dyer who does it well, PROTECT THEM AT ALL COSTS LEST A DRAGON EAT THEM AND WE LOSE THE KNOWLEDGE. My personal favourite is Gauge Dye Works - if you haven't checked them out, get on that, stat, and then come back and read on to see my latest pottery :).

I've got a few details that I wanted to share because, honestly, you can't tell what's going on in a pot just by looking at the marketing shot!

I hope something calls to you! Pottery is a funny beastie around here, it doesn't pay the bills, but it makes me immensely happy, it's soul food. Whenever someone buys a piece it reminds me that it's ok to keep on going with the soul food because other people like it too :) Here is a shot of today's work:

As we mentioned yesterday, I'm hoping to be able to have a Blue Brick Boutique where folks can come and shop things in person, my experimental work, my larger, more fragile pieces, anything that I really don't want to have to ship. Stay tuned to learn days and hours for shopping, as soon as I can get enough yarn inventory to the front to make it worth your while!

Are you enjoying the blog thing? I'm happy that it's been resurrected. Instagram, Facebook, they are quite formal, in a way. They are sales tools and promotional tools and I treat them as such. The blog is more personal, less restricted, and hopefully a place where more of my personality can shine through :)

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