2023 Updates :)

2023 Updates :)

JAN 4, 2023

2023 Updates :)

Orders, boutiques, dogs.

(And a happy 6th birthday to our precious Arya!)

I need to eat a vegetable.

Because I'm pretty sure I'm mostly made out of cheese at the moment.

My poor eating habits aside, Happy New Year folks!
Here are some updates so you know what we’re up to as we all shake off holiday vibes and get ready to get back to a steady routine :)

If you ordered from the club: Sasquatch is almost done and Birthstone is about halfway. We are hoping to ship those by the end of the month. Why so late? We’ve just got a bit of a back up with our supplier and need to give them extra time.

If you ordered from the December update: These bad boys are next up on the dye schedule. We lost more time than expected with databasing the rummage sale for the online store, so things are off schedule there. Those yarns are next up on deck, but are subject to the same supplier hold up that the club is experiencing. We don’t expect that to last :)

If you ordered from Inventory, sale or otherwise; it’s all packed and ready to roll out :) We still need to go through and combine the orders from folks who ordered more than once though, right now there are just two of us in the shop so again please give us a little time to get this done.

Will there be a shop update? Yes, but we are going to try something new;
The next pre order update is JANUARY 16-20.

The January yarns, and all subsequent months, will be now mid-month instead of the end of the month, with a commitment to shipping before the following months pre order launches. The very first time it will be rough, because it will overlap with items that are still outstanding, which I *hate*. However, I think it will be better for the business, and hopefully better for our customers too! I promise we will get caught up and continue to communicate though this triple whammy; the holidays, the supplier, and launching a new sale when previous sales are still outstanding. It’s not the new norm, frankly, my soul couldn’t handle that!

Ok, one more new thing that will hopefully make some folks happy; if you are local to us, read on. If you are not, and you've scrolled this far, here's a photo of Sammy and Mia so it wasn't all for naught. In this photo they have just stolen food off the counter and are doing their level best to convince me otherwise.

We are working on opening the front of house as a Blue Brick Boutique where you can come to browse things in person, feel all the bases, and shop from items that we don’t enjoy shipping; like larger pottery platters and sets, resin work and woodwork. On certain days the doggos will be there too if giving scritches is on your list :)

We have so much more talent between Tito and I that we’d like to bring to bear at the studio, but some of it is heavy and fragile so we’ve always left it out. In addition, if you are local to us, and want to begin local pick up, please email me before you place your next order and I will give you a free shipping code all your own, to avoid the cycle of payment and refunds. Then, when the yarn is ready you can come in any time during our shopping hours (tbd) and pick it up.

I realize that’s a lot to take in my loves. As always we want to be transparent with any issues, manage expectations, and work toward changes that make it better for everyone. If you have any concerns or questions about the above, please email me; support@thebluebrick.ca

This is one heck of a time for small businesses. We would be far from the first ones to go under if, heaven forbid, we did. However, with a little patience from our people, we can get past the crunchy times and onto new creative pursuits!

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