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For our newest customers, or folks who haven't seen this pattern before, let's start by talking about what Kaizen is!

Kaizen is a top top down triangular lace shawl. The motif looks complex but is really easy once you get the hang of a 2x2x2 cable. It uses: 

  • One Husky (500 yd) gradient
  • Two extensions (300 yds ea.). An extension is a skein that is a solid expression of one end of the gradient, allowing you to extend the gradient. This part of the pattern used to be a single 420 yard extension, which is still plenty. The two 300 yd skeins will actually result in a little yarn left over. 
  • One tonal yarn (420 yds) in a complimentary colour.

You will use the husky gradient for the main part of the body. You will then alternate between the tonal and the extensions to create the stripes at the end. 

This month we have dyed up a number of new colour combos to allow you to make this fairly large shawl. The total project is about 1250 to 1300 yards of fingering weight yarn. 

You can extend the lace sections at the end, or the ribbing section to go for an even larger shawl if you like. If you plan to extend the main motif at the beginning you need to ensure that you have enough yarn to end on the appropriate row. 

Ireland & Éire

Rich teal, blue, green, spruce and lime.  Both colours will be available as skeins as well as kits; this will be true for all colours in this post.

Sky and Crepuscular

From horizon line bright to the deepest sky blues. Crepuscular is another word for twilight, representing the time just when the sun is going down. Even though the new tonal is papaya-bright I liked crepuscular better!

Winterberry & Lipstick

Rich red base with hints of purple fuschia and golden brown.

Muscovy & Cayuga

Named for two different types of duck :) Deep emerald, gray, royal blue and dusty purple.

Grand Turk & Heliotrope

Rich fuschia purple with hits of darker purple against a spruce/teal background. 

Cobblestone and Lluvia

Pronounced YOOviah - the Spanish word for "Rain" which I thought was appropriate :) Dark teal, slate, gray and a slight hint of dark brown. 

Sea Turtle and Stingray 

Finally the original combination of Sea Turtle and Stingray will also be available :) 

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