Test Knitters

Test Knitters

Test Knitters

Thank you for offering to test knit!

Hello loves! Thank you for offering to be part of our new initiative; to bring easy and accessible patterns to everyone who wants to use really nice yarn (from any dyer!) but is scared to try their first non-scarf project!

Full disclosure; there are about 150 of you! So what I've decided to do, is to set up this page on our website and use it to put out the latest version of the files for you. I welcome any and all feedback via the form below. Please use that instead of email for now, it will help me streamline all the feedback.

Thank you also, to everyone who took the time to write a really nice note, send me a pic of an FO or photo of a gorgeous fur or feather baby. I treasure them all and I'll find the time to write back to each and every one of you soon!

Here's the latest file; as I get further along the pdf will get more detailed. I welcome feedback at any stage.

Love, Shireen

EDITS: 09.07.23 - 10:32 PM ET

New version up; the biggest change is that I’ve added illustrations for the yo. I’ve stared at it too long to know if it’s correct or not!

I’m not planning on charting it, because when doing the ribbed section you might hit that centre column with a knit OR a purl. It is definitely predictable assuming you didn’t miss an increase somewhere (which a beginner might) and I wanted it to be super easy to just keep going. An advanced knitter doesn’t need a chart for this pattern, I don’t think, it’s just stocking stitch, garter and 1x1 rib. *shrugs*.

I’ll definitely write a section at the back that is a pared down pattern for advanced folks. It will likely say things like “maintain ribbing as established” instead of trying to chart it out. As this collection grows (my first shawl, my first hat, my first dog-cosey lol) I’m sure there will be a need to incorporate how to read a chart. And I’m sure my “fancy knitting terms” section will grow, and the illustrations along with it. When it’s all done I do plan to release it as a book :)

Ok, enough for tonight :) if you sent me killer feedback and don’t see it reflected here, fear not, I probably just haven’t gotten to the email. This is my night time project, away from the dye stations, so while it’s proceeding apace it definitely feels slow :)

Thank you!

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