The Patience Shawl

The Patience Shawl


So patient i took 2 years to release it 🤪

The goal here is to rewrite a few of my patterns to work with all three sizes of our skeins.  One crescent, one top-down triangle, one rectangle, and one sideways triangle. Patience is the first of this project to be completed :) Easy and mindless, but with an Estonian Braid detail that takes a little patience but is a wonderful accent when complete. The name is a reference to the challences of scaling the business in the summer of 2019; I needed an easy and comforting project, and also a reminder to just stay the course.

Construction This shawl is presented more as a recipe than a pattern; because I wanted to make sure that it would work on Husky, Wooly Mammoth, and Beast Mode skeins. The stitch counts presented on the last two pages are the key; choose the one that corresponds to the amount of yarn you have and use it as a guide for where to insert the Estonian Braid and the lace panels. The stitch counts also give instructions for how to repeat the last pattern section if desired. 


One skein of The Blue Brick in any of our fingering weights, and in any of our sizes. The shawl is written to be easily adjusted. 

 4mm circular needles, at least 24” (because the pattern is presented as a receipe, gauge is not critical)  

 Tapestry needle for weaving in ends 

 Gauge:  24 stitches = 4 inches in stockinette 

 Size:  Adjustable

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