Beautiful little goodies

Beautiful little goodies

I just wanted to quickly share 2 things today, that I don’t have proper photography of, but that I’m too excited about to keep to myself!


This is my new circular needle holder. Tito made it for me out of polymer clay, and took pains to make it look like carved stone. I think he’s done a very convincing job of creating a middle earth needle holder straight out of Rivendell :) I’m so lucky to have someone that not only supports my crafts, but makes cool things to go with them, and is just as crafty!


And these were made late last night. That’s polymer clay with gold leafing on top, metal findings and a beautiful, glossy coat of resin on top. I can’t wait til these are fully cured! I am into production mode now for the one actual art show we do in the summer. It’s months away yet, but I want to use the winter to stock up :)