Busy Bees – New colour ways and Etsy Sale!

Busy Bees – New colour ways and Etsy Sale!

We’ve been working around the clock inventing new colour ways for an Etsy Shop update happening this Friday at 1pm EST. I’m pushing the time forward a bit to make things easier for west coast knitters :)

A few things that are going to be new for this sale:

  • US and Canadian shoppers will now receive tracking numbers on all shipments, and expedited parcel shipping. Shipping will be *slightly* more expensive than it was last time for US shoppers, but I think you’ll appreciate the difference!
  • Each colourway will have more options for purchases. Per colour I am trying to list 4 Tobermory Worsted, 4 Escarpment DK, 4 Killarney Sock and 4 Point Pelee Lace. At the current size of our operation we have maxed out the size of each dye lot, but this is twice as big as last time and should provide shoppers with more options.

(PSST! I will be launching a new, free and super simple pattern on the blog tomorrow, stay tuned!)

And now to the colours!
Thor’s Well is in Portland, OR, in a place with the incredibly romantic name of ‘Cape Perpetua’. It’s an ocean sinkhole that fills with water during high tide and then spews it back out. At low tide it’s hard to notice, but at high… it’s spectacular. I don’t recommend trying to shoot it alone, as it’s a bit dangerous and there’s a good chance that you’ll get salt water on your equipment, but if you can make it happen, then you couldn’t ask for a place with more drama.


The Leslie Street Spit is here in Toronto. When the excavation was done for our subway lines, the construction refuse was dumped down at the lake, gradually growing into a long spit of land that nature has reclaimed over the years and which has become an important stopover for migratory birds. Because of the nature of the place, you can still see fascinating evidence of how the spit was built, like this Greek-style pillar sticking up out of the lake.


Can you see the theme yet? The theme has been ‘water’. And no discussion of the ocean would be complete without the warm, turquoise waters of the caribbean. This last colour way is ‘Bajan Pier’, and it’s an abandoned pier in Barbados. The colour of the sand, the water and the rusted pier are just perfect, and to add to my personal attachment to the place, this is where Tito proposed to me <3.


More colour ways are in the offing today, including favourites from last time like Merrickville Gold and Kim’s Barn. I will post more colours, as well a re-skeined versions, as they become available :)

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