By The Blue Brick on 2012-05-25

By The Blue Brick on 2012-05-25

Because I’m in a steam punk kinda mood ;)

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sugar beach

Toronto is a city developing at a pretty crazy rate. Google earth has a function that allows you to look at photos 8-10 years old, and Toronto’s waterfront 10 years ago was quite barren compared with today. These days that area is full of snazzy new condos and developing parkland.

One of the cool things about a city that moves so fast is finding those places that are relics of the old Toronto, and the contrast between old and new.

One such place is called sugar beach – on one side of the water is an old (but functional) industrial looking Redpath sugar refinery. There is a dark water lane way for giant ships to pull in beside it, and on the other side is a brand new beach, complete with white sand, white muskoka chairs and happy pink umbrellas. Because we had a warm, clear evening I decided to…

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