Hamilton – A Juxtaposition. Photo Study 2.

Hamilton – A Juxtaposition. Photo Study 2.

Hamilton, or ‘The Hammer’ as most of us know it, is a great study in opposites.

On one hand it has massive steel mills right on the harbour, belching smoke and open flame, black with soot and looking very blade runner, or as one commenter put it, “hot dirty and apocalyptic”.

On the other it has green parks rich in plant and animal life, and to my surprise, 120 waterfalls, more than any other city in the world apparently. Some of these photos are taken in the same place under the bridge where I took the first photo study; I am just facing the other way.

To see either photo study on its own is to give a misleading impression of the city. Together, they tell a small part of the story of Hamilton.

*Thanks to Maya, from Urban Burger, for the tip off about the waterfalls!

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