Commercial Bezels

Commercial Bezels

After I posted the photos of jazzed up polymer clay I had a moment of enlightenment that, in retrospect, felt bit silly. I realized that instead of going to such trouble to frame my polymer clay, resin it, and add metal components to the back, I could simply put the polymer clay piece into a bezel. What a concept, eh? One method feels like I’m building a bezel around a finished piece (which does have its advantages) and the other involved putting my piece into a finished bezel. I feel like I’ve arrived at a familiar destination, but took the long way ’round.

However, like all good creative experiments, I learned a lot and I think both methods have their pros and cons. Here are some current pieces I created using commercial bezels :)

3V8A1521 3V8A1523 3V8A1527 3V8A1530 3V8A1520

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