Cruisin’ Roses

Cruisin’ Roses

This past weekend I cast off another ‘I’d Rather Be Cruising’ shawl made in my ‘Rose’ ombré colour way. I love how the colour turned out!


I had yarn left over – and one thing about ombré yarns is that you want to use up as much as you can, to get the full expression of the gradient. Because of this I decided to add on a ruffle border. With debatable results.


That border *may* end up getting frogged later, but right now I don’t feel inclined ;) Too eager to move on to other projects!


It’s been so cold in Toronto (snowed yesterday, seriously!) that I’m actually getting a chance to wear this beauty. I guess that’s the upside to our lousy spring!


I love how the colours of my original inspiration rose blend in with the final piece. Ravelry project page here.




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