Fluevog OOAK Colours

Fluevog OOAK Colours

FBThe Blue Brick’s first ever show to the public is coming up this Thursday, in Toronto’s distillery district! From 6-9pm at the Fluevog shoe store (4 Trinity Street, click here for directions) we’ll be hosting an epic knit night/yarn+shoe extravaganza.

Here is a peek at some of the colourways I’ve put together to match Fluevog shoes:


This is a modified version of ‘Feather’ that graduates from cream to black – it comes on all three of our bases and makes a perfect pairing with these patterned pumps.


This yarn can be used two ways; it’s symmetrical, so if you want socks you can cut it in the middle and have a matching pair. If not, it’s a long-run stripe, burgundy, pink, gold and back again.


And my personal favourite (shoe and yarn) – this is a modified version of Jade that is paler, more of a blue/green tint. It’s neutral and lovely, just like the blue of these shoes.


In addition, we will have yarn from all our usual product lines available. Hope to see you there!

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